Tuesday, March 28, 2006

End of the World

Evidently these right-wing fundamentalist characters who have taken over the Republican Party don’t care what they do with the earth or how we affect the environment. They are proving this, for example, by not even recognizing that global warming exists. Let the ice caps melt! Let the coastal areas submerge! Let the people die from terrible hurricanes! So what? Lets cut more forests! Drill more oil in the arctic! Forget alternative energy!

I could never understand how they could feel this way. Then someone clued me in: These folks sincerely believe that Armageddon is just around the corner! We might as well use up all the natural resources on the planet because we won’t be here much longer!

Suddenly it all made sense. Either the end of the world is almost here or we’re going to make it happen ourselves.

We have to stop these insane people before they provide us with a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Do you realize how many times in European/American history people were convinced the world was coming to an end? The major difference between then and now is that we did not have the ability to end the world ourselves. What if Armageddon is not coming this time either? The path on which our leaders are taking us will guarantee the end of the world. And the rest of us will have no choice in the matter.

The book of Genesis says that God gave man dominion over the earth. Hey! Knock, knock! Is anybody in there? In analyzing the language in which this was written, that giving of dominion means that we were given the responsibility to take care of the earth, NOT use it all up or mistreat it!

For my part, I certainly would rather stand there on Judgment day knowing that I did all I could to preserve the earth, love its peoples and try to live in harmony with all. As the American Indians (and others) put it, we have the job of keeping the circle intact. NOT to do this is insanity. These people controlling our country are not religious; THEY ARE INSANE! And we are either insane or careless or uncaring for electing them.

So, the writing is on the wall, or rather in the heavens, on the land, and in the ever-encroaching seas. This November, we must vote these crazies out of office. We must allow sanity to regain control of our government. And I’m not just pushing for a Democrat victory; there actually are a lot of sane Republicans out there. We, as a people, have just taken control away from them.

The people of this country must wake up to what they are doing before the crazies can control every election in every state and municipality. Vote! Vote whenever you have the opportunity! Vote your conscience, not somebody else’s agenda. Vote to help Mother Earth recover from some of the recent damage. We CAN slow down global warming and we CAN come up with alternative energies, transportation, housing, etc., by electing candidates who are willing to work at such solutions.

Remember: Mother Earth WILL win! The question is whether we will be around to help her celebrate the victory. And God will judge us on how well we help her.

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