Thursday, October 13, 2005

Poetry Time

Shock and Awe – 1961 and 2000-What?

Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man, how’d you do your thing?

How could you be in the noise and the crowd,
Sit there for just one short hour,
Come back with your special power
And might?
Don’t think twice, it’s all right.
You said you don’t even know
How your songs ever came out so.
You certainly never tried to make them great.
But wait!
That music must have beeeeen
Just a-blowin’ in the wind.

But more important still,
You started rearrangin’
Our conscience and our will
‘Cause the times, they were a-changin’ -
wakin’ feelings in the numb,
transformin’ marchers’ fear,
givin’ voices to the dumb,
makin’ politicians hear,
movin’ power to the people
chanting we shall overcome.

You put some simple words to music in your head
And changed the world once before.
Now we’re in another war
‘cause politicians lied,
Continued with that song that says God is on our side.
And it keeps on goin’ like a rollin’ stone
So we’re headed for a complete unknown.

We need to discover how you did it back then
‘cause we really must start the stones a-rollin’ again.
Look out, kid, it DOES matter what you did.
Now we got to get this movement on the wing
So, hey, Mr. Tambourine Man, how’d you do your thing?

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